Facilitated Playgroups

Children learn best when they are engaged in activities they find meaningful. 

Facilitated Playgroups allow for social coaching to be delivered in the highly meaningful context of the child's own play. Group members are challenged to re-assess tricky situations and think about alternative ways to approach a perceived conflict. Multiple strategies are presented to appeal to different learning styles, with the ultimate goal being for each child to find the strategies that work best for them. 

Groups are typically made from 2-3 peers who have compatible levels of social-emotional development and similar interests. Much of the "curriculum" develops spontaneously through play. Semi-structured learning experiences may include: helping kids find common ground, encouraging cooperation and teamwork to solve problems, and introducing strategies for self-regulation.To ensure the best possible matches, Julie meets with each child and family before placement decisions are made.

​Recipe for friendship:

​​1.  Begin with one child. Understand his/her

     strengths, challenges, and areas of interest.

2.  Mix in one or more peers with similar interests

     and levels of social-emotional development.

3.  Add a skilled social coach to facilitate interactions

     as they unfold during play.​

4.  Blend together with a delicate balance of

     observation and support.

5.  Enjoy!

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